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March 2022

Spring into March with health and beauty! We are back with our Monthly Newsletters in 2022. We have been busy expanding our products and services at Alinea Health this year.

September 2021

September is Healthy Aging Month, which was designated to highlight the positive aspects of growing older. To us, living better is an important part of healthy aging. 

August 2021

Boy, have we had a busy summer! We have been so lucky to spend these warm months pampering our amazing clients, but having some fun along the way. Check out the newsletter attached to see more of what we have been up to.

June 2021

“Summer is here! Think of all that is possible. Longer days, warmer weather, things opening up, freshly picked vegetables, outdoor cooking, and a wide range of activities await. You receive this newsletter because, like us, you are like-minded in your pursuit of natural solutions to a better, healthier life of abundance.”

May 2021

“Continuing our theme of the Summer of Possible, it is just around the corner! Regardless of your “why,” with an average weight loss of more than 3 lbs per week, if you get going now, you could drop 10-20 lbs before it is time to celebrate our Independence, and you’ll be celebrating yours from those extra pounds and poor eating habits. If you’ve followed the Ideal Protein Protocol in the past, definitely check in with your coach and get back on track with a Tune-Up, followed by the all-new Maintenance Phase.”

April 2021

“As Spring is springing and life is starting anew, let’s RESET ourselves and take a fresh approach to the lead-up to summer.  Take inventory of what the past year has meant to you and your health. Colds and the flu seemed to have disappeared, as social contact was dramatically decreased. You may have seen relief from allergies due to wearing a mask or remaining indoors with filtered air. Getting out and about, changes to school schedules and travel all will reintroduce you to many of the things that disappeared with a major change in behavior.”

March 2021

“March means Spring and, with it, a period of great changes and transitions in our behavior. It is also Women’s History Month and National Nutrition Month – two of our most favorite topics at Alinea Health! Great reminders to look inward, celebrate ourselves, and commit to being the best versions of ourselves that we can be.”

February 2021

“Recommitting to better health is the leading New Year resolution. Whether your goal is weight loss, exercising more, or reducing stress, we all could use a little health boost. However, somewhere between January 1st and now, you may have gotten sidetracked. Not to worry!

We have a ton of products, services, recipes, and DIY tricks to help keep your health goals on track throughout the year. Send us a message about your wellness aspirations and we’ll reply with a list of products and services that can help.”

January 2021

“We plan to start 2021 off right by renewing a positive outlook. While having a positive attitude may seem easier said than done, it can equip you with the tools you need to cope with stress in a healthier way.”

Recent Blog Articles

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We’ve all walked through grocery store aisles packed with vitamins that cover the entire alphabet and more. Instead of being overwhelmed by options and wondering how certain vitamins and supplements affect you, Ideal Protein outlines the what, when, and why for you while you’re on your weight loss journey.

6 Reasons Why Athletes Benefit From Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

What do Russell Wilson, Joe Nameth, LeBron James, Rashad Jennings, Raphael Soriano and Tim Tebow have in common? They, along with oodles of other world-class athletes, basketball players, football stars, and Olympians, put their trust and reliance on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) to improve their athletic performance. In today’s blog article, we will examine six reasons Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is […]

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