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Get To Know Ideal Protein Vitamins and Supplements

We’ve all walked through grocery store aisles packed with vitamins that cover the entire alphabet and more. Instead of being overwhelmed by options and wondering how certain vitamins and supplements affect you, Ideal Protein outlines the what, when, and why for you while you’re on your weight loss journey.

Vitamins and supplements substitute for minerals and vitamins you aren’t consuming while on an Ideal Protein diet. Especially during Phase 1 of Ideal Protein to balance diet, nutrition, and energy, taking your vitamins and supplements is very important. 

Each recommended and required vitamin/supplement is meant to be taken at a certain time and address specific needs. Missing vitamins and supplements while on the Ideal Protein diet can affect your experience in different ways. 

To optimize results, take time to understand the benefits of vitamins and supplements. Log daily and make sure you’re having active conversations with your Ideal Protein coach.

Anti-Oxy – Dietary Supplements

Where can it come from?

Man-made or natural substances, like vegetables and fruit.

What are the benefits?

Antioxidants may prevent and delay cell damage. Some studies also suggest that antioxidants could help protect against diseases. 

Cal-Mag – Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin D

Where can it come from?

Calcium is commonly found in rich foods like cheese, yogurt and ice cream. Even certain vegetables, like broccoli and kale, have calcium. Nuts, legumes, cereals, grains, dairy products and dark leafy greens are all sources of magnesium.

Where are the benefits?

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the human body and it helps the body maintain strong bones. Magnesium plays a role in keeping muscle healthy by transporting calcium and potassium across cell membranes. 

Cal-Mag Soft Chews (Natural Chocolate Flavor and Other Natural Flavor) – Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc and Vitamin Dietary Supplement

Cal-Mag Soft Chews are alternatives for people who have trouble swallowing the Cal-Mags. Cal-Mag Soft Chews address the same needs as Cal-Mags.

Enzymes Digestive Aid – Dietary Supplement

Where can it come from?

Naturally occurring enzymes come from our pancreas, mouth, stomach and small intestine.

What are the benefits?

Enzymes break down food and allow us to soak up nutrients. 

Flora Health – Daily Probiotic Supplement

Where are the benefits?

Flora promotes normal bowel habits. Flora can help with poor digestion, bloating and gas. Ideal Protein recommends taking Flora Health in combination with Enzymes.

Multi-Vita – Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement

Where are the benefits?

Multi-Vita fills in nutrient gaps and improves basic overall body functions.

Omega-3 Plus – Dietary Supplement

Where can it come from?

Omega-3’s are found in fish and shellfish. 

Where are the benefits?

Omega-3’s helps us meet a healthy daily intake of essential fatty acids. Omega 3’s reduce levels of triglycerides. Studies about Omega-3 find that it could have the potential to relieve symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Potassium – Dietary Supplement

Where can it come from?

Potassium comes from a variety of different foods. Vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, starchy foods like brown rice, tea and coffee are all sources of potassium. 

Where are the benefits?

Potassium is an important nutrient that makes sure muscles and nerves function properly, protein synthesizes and carbohydrates metabolize. 

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