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Alinea Health makes advanced alternative and complementary medical therapies accessible to the  residents of Ada County, Idaho. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive an individualized approach to their health in a caring, professional environment. We believe that optimal health is acquired through proper oxygenation, circulation, detoxification, nutrition, supplements, massage, essential oils among others. At Alinea Health. our goal is to ensure that our clients receive and individualized approach to their health in caring, professional environment.

Meet the Alinea Health Team!

Kelsey Martin, DNP, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider. As a kid, I was scientifically curious and intrigued by the wonder of the human body, but most of all, helping others. Growing up on a farm in rural Illinois, I moved to Boise in 2009 to pursue my nursing education and my love of the mountains. I attended Boise State University, where I got my bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and explored my other interests; the great outdoors and wilderness medicine. I gained five years of experience as a Registered Nurse working in emergency departments and trauma centers while pursuing my graduate degree. I graduated from Gonzaga University with my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and specialization as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Since that time, I have worked in acute care, preventative care, and aesthetics.

I believe in shifting the focus of healthcare from reactive (or “sick” care) to proactive, preventative care. The best way to treat illness is to prevent it. Healthcare is not “one size fits all,” One of the most fulfilling parts of practicing medicine is getting to know individuals, their specific needs and creating a plan to optimize their health and wellness. I have a unique healthcare philosophy that blends Western medicine with alternative and homeopathic modalities.

I value evidence-based practices, education, collaboration, and the art of simply taking the time to listen to every individual’s needs truly.”

Oneida Cohen

Founder/ Clinic Manager
Oneida lives in beautiful Eagle, Idaho, with her husband and children.  Oneida enjoys being social, hosting events, traveling, and relaxing with family and friends. She is very passionate about helping her local community and her home country, Venezuela, with donations of food, medical supplies, clothing, and personal essentials for those in need.
Her professional experience background is in Business and Software.  Oneida has always had a personal interest in healthy living and she learned about natural remedies in the fall of 2015 by overcoming her significant health challenges through their application.
Oneida opened Alinea Health in November of 2020 with the vision of making access to natural remedies and healthy living choices more readily available in her community.  
Alinea Health started with the primary business service of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and diversified with other healthy living products including Weight Loss Protocol- Ideal Protein (with over 1,500 lbs of fat loss since opening) and Supplements.  Oneida is a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Consultant and an Ideal Protein Weight Loss Certified Coach.
In 2021, Alinea Health added new services, including a Medical Provider, Labs, IV Hydration, Intramuscular Injections, Covid Testing, Covid Protocols, and more.
In order to meet the demand and continuing to increase access for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Alinea Health is excited in 2022 to launch Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber sales and rentals worldwide.


Come by or reach out to Oneida and she would love to discuss any of the Alinea Health services or products and how they can help meet your personal health goals.

David Cohen


David and his wife Oneida have been active in healthcare since 2015. They founded Alinea with the idea of providing “a new thought in healthcare”, the purpose of which is to help individuals overcome a variety of challenges in their lives by getting to the root causes, delivering effective treatments, and providing information and education that can assist in living one’s best life through better health, wellness, and happiness.

After graduating college and a brief Wall Street career, David embarked on a successful, life-long career as a global entrepreneur in manufacturing, construction, telecom, software, and healthcare, including the founding of and growth of several businesses in the Boise area after doing so in New York for more than a decade.  He has provided investment, mentorship, service, and consulting to several other businesses and organizations locally to assist in building a strong entrepreneurial community. In 2013, David was recognized as Innovator of the Year by the Idaho Technology Council (ITC) for his role in founding a company that delivers a powerful, affordable, and innovative cloud-based business platform for companies and organizations, small and large.

A member of the Boise community since 2009, David most enjoys spending time with and cooking for his wonderful wife and 3 children, family, and friends. He continues to manage several businesses, mentor entrepreneurs, and consult businesses of different sizes across various industries. David enjoys traveling the world in support of his various business interests and personal mission to empower individuals and businesses in the pursuit and achievement of their own respective goals, finding happiness in the journey.

Sarah Daun

“I recently relocated to Boise from the Pacific Northwest to enjoy the outdoorsy laid-back Boise culture. In my free time, I enjoy exploring new trails with my adventurous puppy, Hanzie.  I like to think of wellness as a connection of paths: knowledge and action. Please come visit me to chat about our amazing Ideal Protein program.”

Services that Sarah provides:

Ideal Protein certified coach

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy specialist

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Take a virtual tour of Alinea Health! View our products and interact with our space. We get new products in frequently, if you don’t see what you are looking for reach out to our team of experts!

Customer Reviews

Excellent service and experience every time I walk into Alinea Health. Oneida helped me feel comfortable with my first HBOT session and walked me through the entire process to put my mind at ease. They have a very clean space, high tech chambers, and therapeutic benefits are worth it. I love coming here! I am hoping to buy a package for my family this summer.
Amanda Olson
Oneida is so wonderful, and makes you feel like family. She is caring, non-judgemental, and gets you all set up for success!
Carie Mansell
I can't say enough good about this program! Ideal Protein is a fabulous way to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Oneida has been a wonderful coach and cheerleader. She's always there for you, making sure your experience is a positive one. Thank you oneida and all the folks at Alinea Health!
Dee Winn
First off I’m very grateful to try something different for my health. Of all people I have allergies, I’ve had two spontaneous pneumothorax, also known as collapsed lungs, and ruptured eardrum in the past. I was super excited to do the hyperbaric chamber and the owner is so professional she reached out to her medical staff and unfortunately I’m not a candidate. The wonderful part is she has so many other alternatives in there that I was very happy to see like the doTERRA oils, breath drops, and recipe books so I can get on track. I am excited to start the “ideal protein” with some revisions pretty soon. If anybody wants an honest healthy place to kickstart your health this is it and Oneida is amazing!
Regina Collins
Staff was kind, supportive and professinal. Definitely a positive experience all the way around. I would highly recommend Alinea Health!
Nancy Jetsel

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