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Eating Through A Vacation On Ideal Protein

Ideal Protein is a carefully developed weight loss method that works in three phases: weight loss, stabilization, and maintenance. When I first started Ideal Protein I knew I would stick to the meal plan as closely as possible but there was one thing I was worried about: eating on vacation. Having a family that cooks amazing meals made me realize I would have to plan ahead in order to stay on track for my weight loss goal. Continue reading for tips and tricks that I used to successfully eat through a vacation on Ideal Protein.

#1 ) Plan ahead

Weeks before I left I made a basic plan of what I would be doing and I knew I would be on the go most days. I mostly chose Ideal Protein foods that didn’t require microwaves or stoves for cooking, and instead stuck to bars, chips and drink mixes. To get all of my vegetable requirements for the day I packed a lot of bell peppers (a favorite of mine) and cucumber for car rides and for easy dinners and lunches I stuck to microwavable vegetable bags. These basic tricks kept me in line with the Ideal Protein plan but I always had to have my food planned out at the beginning of the day in order to avoid getting hungry. Personally, when I get hungry I want the food I know will be fast and easy to get to. Most of the time it’s not the healthiest option. However, I also planned for when I would have cheat foods so that when the magical moment happened, it would be worth every bite.

Asparagus and fish dinner. Arianna Creteau

#2 ) Have a cheat food

You’re on vacation! Delicious, non Ideal Protein foods will definitely tempt you. For me, it was homemade chocolate chip cookies. I knew I would be really sad if I didn’t have at least one cheat food and join in on the fun around me. After some research, I chose Swerve’s chocolate chip cookie mix to be my cheat food. I figured that I could have one cookie a day if I wanted and I would still be low carb. It was the perfect little treat for me! Of course, I spoke with my Ideal Protein coach before I made any decision when it came to which alternative foods fit the best for me. I will admit that I smelled a lot of the cheat foods around me, on purpose, but I had a plan and in the end I could stick with it.

#3 ) Make a similar meal

I was not looking forward to missing a family spaghetti night, at all. So, I made my own Ideal Protein version! After trying out Ideal Proteins konjac noodles and vegetable bolognese spaghetti mix I was left full, satisfied and feeling included. Ideal Protein also has a long list of recipes on their website and in their cookbook that spice up any meal. I haven’t followed one yet but I can see myself giving one a try in the future!

Ask our Ideal Protein coach for more meal ideas or about the Ideal Protein Cookbook!

Konjac noodles, vegetable bolognese spaghetti mix and broccoli dinner. Arianna Creteau

#4 ) Stay strong when you go out

Unfortunately, eating at restaurants is not always easy. I found myself having to be a picky customer but in the end it was so worth it! Basic salads with protein were my go to. Having a staple restaurant food might make following Ideal Protein easier, at least it did for me. 

#5 ) Stay positive

I might have missed out on some foods (I’m thinking about that cheesecake) but the Ideal Protein foods I did bring with me, I continued to love (hello, salted caramel clusters)! Whether you miss your weekly goal or you zoom past it, having a good time and feeling good is the most important part. 

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