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Ideal Protein is a carefully developed weight loss method that works in three phases: weight loss, stabilization and maintenance. Initially, I found Ideal Protein appealing because you are able to see what daily meal plans look like, how to meet your goals and the food was actually tasty! As a person that has never participated in a diet program before, I had a lot of questions. Having a nutritionist to guide and encourage me makes this new journey easy and enjoyable. But I’m not done yet!

Here are a few things that happened my first week trying Ideal Protein.

#1 ) I panicked about eating vegetables

I don’t like thinking about myself as a picky eater, I prefer the term selective eater. As you start Ideal Protein you’ll receive a detailed grocery list of all the proteins and vegetables you’re allowed to eat. Select vegetables are limited and some are unlimited. The list is extremely helpful but there were a lot of veggies I didn’t reach for regularly or I remembered not liking. I panicked! Very quickly I settled down and decided that this program is a way to reimagine my outlook on food. Now brussel sprouts, celery and chard all have a home in my fridge.

#2 ) I didn’t go hungry

Mentally and physically, changing to an Ideal Protein diet can be tough the first week, especially in the first few days. I attribute my stability to my nutritionist and having a buddy at home on the same diet as me. There were small cravings on the third and fourth day but they were manageable, my go to “snack” was a sip of my Ideal Protein premade shake. But that was my method, sometimes a vegetable or an Ideal Protein snack is the move instead!

#3 ) I had dessert

There isn’t a column for dessert on the meal plan, but there is for snacks! I like saving the snacks as a dessert after dinner. This is something I’ve found to be helpful that still follows the rules. Chocolate puffs, strawberry wafers, pudding, salted caramel clusters and more! I don’t find the snacks bland and small but rather sweet and a satisfying size. 

#4 ) I had energy

Vitamines, water and following the meal plan kept me energized all week long. I was nervous that I might get some dizzy spells or wake up sluggish but that was not the case. In my Ideal Protein journal I keep track of my meals, vitamins and mood everyday. There’s a space where you select which smiley or frowny face you’re feeling and for me I have seven days of smiley faces!

#5 ) I lost weight

Limiting my carbohydrates and strictly following the Ideal Protein plan has given me results I’ve never experienced before. I’m able to track my weight, body fat %, BMI, measurements and more through the Ideal Protein app. Weekly meetings at the clinic keep me in check, up to date and excited for the next week! After one week I’m closer to my goal weight than I’ve ever been in months and I felt good doing it. 

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  1. Chelsea 2 years ago

    Way to go! I am so excited to start the program. I look forward to reading more about your progress!

  2. KATHLEEN OBRIEN 2 years ago

    I’m on the program as well and find it very easy to follow. I’ve tried every diet and nutritional program with great success the first week and eventually gain back everything I’ve lost plus a couple more pounds. I had given up and decided I would just be the little fat grandmother when I was introduced to Ideal Protein and all of the counseling, tools and encouragement. The app keeps me right on track and the food is very satisfying. I like the idea of having a nice dinner of my own food that is teaching me how to eat in the future. Of course, the 15 pounds that are gone in the first 4 weeks is a great motivator as well! I’m really on my way to better health and vitality. You’re never too old to get in shape —- I’m 72 and full of hope!

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