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HBOT is defined as: “An intervention in which an individual breathes near 100% oxygen intermittently while inside a hyperbaric chamber that is pressurized to greater than sea level pressure.”

Patients with a variety of conditions breathe pure oxygen in a private pressurized chamber. This allows more oxygen to be dissolved in the bloodstream to promote healing.

HBOT will enhance the body’s ability to fight infection, increases red blood cells, promotes the growth of collagen, helps the body build new connective tissue, optimizes sports performance, kills certain types of bacteria and fungus, decreases inflammation and allergy symptoms.

The ambient pressure inside the chamber is higher than the air pressure that people normally breathe. Breathing almost pure oxygen at this pressure can increase the concentration of oxygen available to the lungs by up to three times.

Insurance and Medicare consider the following conditions for HBOT to be covered for payment:

Air or Gas Embolism
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Compartment Syndrome/Crush Injury/Other Traumatic Ischemias
Decompression Sickness (Bends)
Diabetic and Selected Wounds
Exceptional Blood Loss (Anemia)
Gas Gangrene
Intracranial Abscess
Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection
Osteoradionecrosis and Radiation Tissue Damage
Osteomyelitis (Refractory)
Skin Grafts and (Compromised) Flaps
Thermal Burns

The following conditions are off-label which may or may not be covered by insurance or Medicare:

Cerebral Palsy
Lyme Disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Near Drowning
Recovery from Plastic Surgery
Sports Injuries
Traumatic Brain Injury

A growing number of providers have started offering HBOT as an alternative therapy. Some call it a “miracle cure” and claim that it can help with a wide range of conditions. Hyperbaric oxygen is used to treat all conditions which benefit from increased tissue oxygen availability, as well as infections where it can be used for its antibiotic properties, either as the primary therapy or in conjunction with other drugs.

Each Alinea Health patient receives a customized hyperbaric oxygen treatment protocol depending on their individual needs.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with your diet. Working with a Nutritional Consultant and functional medicine protocols outlined by your primary care provider, we can get to the root of your health problems. Utilizing genetic tests and physiological laboratory tests through our functional medicine specialists we can design a plan specific to your individual health issues and goals. If you are ready to see how good you can really feel, schedule an appointment today.

Many of us grew up learning myths about food and nutrition. We were taught the 4 food groups which were replaced by the Food Pyramid. We were introduced to “diet foods” labeled “low fat or nonfat” or “low carb”. We were introduced to “fad diets”, “diet soda”, artificial sweeteners and fat substitutes. We lose diet to lose weight but then abandon the diet after 2-3 weeks and watch our weight go higher than it was prior to the diet. Today according to the CDC 70% of Americans are overweight and 33% of Americans would fall into the obese category.

We have become social eaters and have forgotten that food is fuel. Food is more than fuel. When our food is in harmony with our bodies physiology, it can cure and prevent disease. We want to teach you functional medicine principles to fuel your body to achieve a healthy lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable.

At our Eagle Idaho weight loss program, your success is as simple as making a call and results are just around the corner.

You are more likely to develop health problems if you are overweight:

High Blood Pressure
Lack of Energy
Heart Disease
Certain Cancers
Gallbladder Disease

Being overweight can also cause problems such as sleep apnea (interrupted breathing during sleep) and osteoarthritis (wearing away of the joints). The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to have health problems. Weight loss can help improve the harmful effects of being overweight. However, many overweight people have difficulty reaching their healthy body weight. Studies show that you can improve your health by losing as little as 10 to 20 pounds.

With your program, we will monitor your progress and make the necessary adjustments that will allow you to best achieve your short and long term goals. Although our primary goal is to help you reach your target weight quickly and easily, the focus of care is to allow you to maintain your weight loss so that you will not put the weight back on after you complete our weight loss program.

What would you do if you found out you could use essential oils to make transformations in your life? Discover how you can manage your health with the power of essential oils.

Essential oils have been used by ancient civilizations across the globe for:

  • Aromatherapy
  • Personal care
  • Healthcare practices
  • Religious ceremonies
  • Beauty treatments
  • Food preparation

We have an expert on hand to introduce you to the power of essential oils.

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