Alinea Health makes advanced alternative and complementary medical therapies accessible to the residents of Ada County, Idaho. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive an individualized approach to their health in a caring, professional environment. We believe that optimal health is acquired through proper oxygenation, circulation, detoxification, nutrition, supplements, massage, essential oils among others. At Alinea Health, our goal is to ensure that our clients receive an individualized approach to their health in a caring, professional environment.

Services we offer:

✅ IV Therapy: IV Hydration and IV Nutrition
✅ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
✅ Weight Loss with Ideal Protein
✅ Essential Oils
✅ Medical Grade Supplements
✅ Family Practice
✅ Urgent Care/Same-Day visits
✅ Mental Health
✅ Telehealth
✅ Bloodwork diagnostics, interpretation, and follow-up


We look forward to working with everyone that walks through our front door.


Family Nurse Practitioner

Meet Kelsey Martin, Nurse Practitioner

Kelsey Martin, DNP, FNP-C
Nurse Practitioner

Kelsey Martin is a Nurse Practitioner providing Family Medicine at Alinea Health’s Eagle, Idaho location.

“Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a healthcare provider. As a kid, I was scientifically curious and intrigued by the wonder of the human body, but most of all, helping others. Growing up on a farm in rural Illinois, I moved to Boise in 2009 to pursue my nursing education and my love of the mountains. I attended Boise State University, where I got my bachelor of Science in Nursing degree and explored my other interests; the great outdoors and wilderness medicine. I gained five years of experience as a Registered Nurse working in emergency departments and trauma centers while pursuing my graduate degree. I graduated from Gonzaga University with my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree and specialization as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Since that time, I have worked in acute care, preventative care, and aesthetics.

I believe in shifting the focus of healthcare from reactive (or “sick” care) to proactive, preventative care. The best way to treat illness is to prevent it. Healthcare is not “one size fits all,” One of the most fulfilling parts of practicing medicine is getting to know individuals, their specific needs and creating a plan to optimize their health and wellness. I have a unique healthcare philosophy that blends Western medicine with alternative and homeopathic modalities.

I value evidence-based practices, education, collaboration, and the art of simply taking the time to listen to every individual’s needs truly.”

Book a Family Practice Appointment

To book an appointment with Kelsey Martin, DNP, FNP-C, please click on the appointment link below. It will provide instructions on how to schedule time with her.

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You can also call our direct line if that is easier! Just dial 208-926-6613

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